Separation of postal and administrative division datasets

Kantynent decided to split the datasets of postal code boundaries from administrative division completely because in Russia many postcode areas span across multiple municipality borders.

That creates cases where one postal code is located within two or more municipalities. Such postal code cannot be assigned to a single municipality unit. It also creates difficulties in aggregating post-code data into higher levels.

Common solution would be to split the aforementioned postal code into parts for each minicipality, but it creates geocoding difficulties because non-unique postal codes will be present in the dataset.

In order to create consistent and integral datasets Kantynent now offers 6-digit postal code map of Russia without administrative division information (i.e. without OKTMO codes and names). Municipality or rayon datasets with OKTMO codes and names are now sold separately.

We also decided to offer 50% discount on administrative datasets when bought together with a postal-code dataset. And the regular multi-product 10% discount is still in effect. Be sure to check the new price in the updated Price calculator which now shows special offers and price breakdown in real time. You may be eligible for up to €11,800 discount on our full dataset.

You can also download new product datasheets for boundaries here:

  • 6-digit Postal Code Boundaries Datasheet
  • Municipality Boundaries Datasheet
  • Rayon Boundaries Datasheet